The new AUTOMOBILSPORT magazine is committed to the spirit of powerslide which, unfortunately, was discontinued in April 2014. AUTOMOBILSPORT will continue to inject life into the topics covered in powerslide and thus offer its readers the usual spectrum in a new format. This is defined in the subtitle: Racing, History and Passion. Three carefully considered terms that are familiar in the German as well as the English speaking worlds. For in addition to the German, there will also be an English version in which we will - from now on quarterly - quench the desire for historic motor sports stories. The first issue is devoted to the topic of “PORSCHE AT LE MANS”. A special edition on the return of Porsche to “La Sarthe”. The 24 hours of Le Mans have been a domain of Porsche and will be again. Renowned authors have rummaged around in their memories and picked out a few stories, some of which have never been told before, illustrated with photographic material that also has, in part, never been published before which makes this special edition a very special reading matter in the truest sense of the word. And this particular content in word and pictures is a promise in relation to the future standard of AUTOMOBILSPORT. Let us take you by surprise!

Yours sincerely

Robert Weber

Publisher: Sportfahrer Verlag
Frequency of publication: quarterly
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